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History of St. Paul’s Church

Richard Chippendall by Kenneth Quickenden

by Kenneth Quickenden

About the Author

Kenneth Quickenden is a graduate of the Courtauld Institute of Art and Ph.D. at Westfield College, both of the University of London. Formerly Professor and Head of the School of Theoretical and Historical Studies at Birmingham City University. Publications mainly on the history of jewellery and silversmithing with particular reference to the eighteenth century in Birmingham and contemporary international developments.

Richard Chippendall

The eighteenth-century church of St. Paul’s in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter (Fig. 1) has against its north wall (fig.2) a  headstone inscribed ‘SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF RICHARD CHIPPINDALL ( late of St. Paul’s Square, and formerly of London), who departed this life…’. Though almost impossible to read, the inscription continues ‘June 4th 1826 Aged 75 years’ (fig. 3).

Figure 1. St. Paul’s Church, Birmingham

Figure 1.

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Francis Eginton’s Window at St Paul’s Church Birmingham

Under an Act of Parliament of 1772 two new chapels, and their chapelyards, were to be built in Birmingham. The first one, St Mary’s, was consecrated in 1774 but there were then real problems in raising the money for the second, St Paul’s Chapel. After omitting a spire on the way St Paul’s was consecrated on June 2nd 1779 with only the bare essentials, and almost certainly no stained glass. It was to take another 6 years, 1785, for a proposal for a stained glass window to be raised. The Vestry Minute Book for March 9th 1785 records:-

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Tribute to Daniel Winwood – The man who led the team that built St Paul’s Chapel

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A Tribute to Daniel Winwood – the man who led the team that built St Paul’s Chapel in Birmingham in the 1770s.

It was on October 15th 1771 that the “Inhabitants” of the Town of Birmingham held a meeting in the Upper Chamber of the Old Cross Continue reading

The Building of St Paul’s Church, Birmingham in the 1770s

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The Not-So-Straightforward Story of the Patrons of St.Paul’s Church, Birmingham: 1779 – 2012


The patron of a Church of England church was the owner of the advowson, which was a technical term to cover the twin rights of (1) nominating and presenting to the bishop, for approval, a potential candidate for the benefice of a church and (2) the entitlement to the income of the parish. The advowson was an asset that could be traded and could be purchased by a man or a woman, a Christian or non-­Christian, or a body such as a Dean and Chapter of a Cathedral. Continue reading