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Photographing Light

Examples of different techniques for photographing light.

The Thomas Underwood Gallery

Selected reproductions from Thomas Underwood's "The Buildings of Birmingham Past and Present Sketched and Described” Published in 1866 and 1869.
New Street and High Street

Drake’s “Picture of Birmingham”

From Drakes 1834 book featuring twelve “newly engraved” views of public buildings.
Fig 3 - Town Hall

A Host of Angels

A group of prints featuring angels, reproduced from Victorian lantern slides.
The Spirits Flight

Tubes Ltd

Employees of Tubes Ltd, Aston in 1901
No. 6 - Tubes Ltd Football Team

Signatures of Artists

Signatures from C Hubert Letts “The Hundred Best Pictures" - 1901
Signatures 2

WWI in Birmingham

World War 1 photographs in Birmingham plus two coloured slides.
First Winners of Pearsall Trophy

Photographs of London by WLFW

We know the photographer’s initials, WLFW, and we know the date, 1910, but that is all. An obvious ‘eye’ for a good photograph.
Hansom Cab

Photographs by AGB

A selection from a stack of lantern slides by AGB found in a junk shop in Erdington. Those selected look to be from holidays in this country, and the Alps.
Windsor St Georges Chapel

Photographs by Marion Silverston

Probably Birmingham’s first female professional photographer. She had a studio in Edgbaston. Her name is written on a number of these lantern slides and they may have been exhibited at Birmingham Photographic Society.
The Urchin


Mostly lantern slides collected at random. The exposure times were a bit too long to get a sharp image of Princess Christian as she left New Street Station en route to open the General Hospital.
Corner of Edmund St.


Images taken from French glass stereo-positives. One looks as though it is taken from half way up Notre Dame and has an estimated date of 1855. Image 6 is included for the figure of a man on the roof of the hut!
Cabane des Grande Mulets et Chaine des Aiguilles Rouges  ca 1870

The Royal Family

The first group are cartes-de-visites of the Royal family taken by Mayall including some dated 1st March 1861. The second group shows the Prince of Wales and the Princess of Denmark, to become Princess Alexandra, and her family. The next group includes the official photograph released for the Diamond Jubilee. The last two photographs are from stereocards of the funeral procession of the Queen and show the German Emperor, the Kaiser, walking on the right of King Edward, and the veiled ladies of the court walking behind.
621 Prince of Wales with Alexandra and family.jpg

Famous People

Personalities of the period, from lantern slides, engravings, cartes-de-visites and woodburytypes.
725 Charles Darwin.jpg


A miscellaneous collection picked to show some of the contrasts of the day. The ‘Promenade’ might well be the Sunday afternoon parade at Scarborough.
England Football Team ca1890