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WWI in Birmingham

World War 1 photographs in Birmingham plus two coloured slides.


The World War 1 photographic slides in this group were found in the box containing the Marion Silverston slides. The handwriting on the labelling of these slides was not the same as on the Silverston slides, so I don’t know who the photographer is.

In the first Canon Hill Park slide there seems to be a second row of newly enlisted men. I have no idea what the group at Drew’s Lane is about. Can anyone help?

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  1. Tony Small Post author

    I think Juliet might be on to something. I came across the following on the website “William Dargue – A history of Birmingham places and placenames”


    “In 1913 the Electric & Ordnance Accessories Company, a subsidiary of Vickers built a factory between Common Lane and Drews Lane. During the 19th century there had been extensive clay pits and brick works on the site. Known as the Ward End Works, the plant’s distinctive office block is Bromford House, some 125m long fronting Drews Lane. During World War 1 1914-1918, the factory produced munitions, but was actually designed as a car plant to assemble the Wolseley Stellite.”

    1. John Sawkill

      Jules–it looks highly likely. I quote from a book just published about Birmingham and ww1… “Local men who did not enlist due to age or working in a protected occupation could join the Home Defence Corps of volunteers, who would undertake duties such as guarding munitions factories and in the case of enemy invasion would have formed the last line of defence” This suggests that they would be uniformed and armed.

  2. Andrew Ray

    I have a small trophy consisting of a silver shield on a wooden plaque. It reads at the top “Birmingham & District Challenge Shield” and lower down “Pearsall Trophy/ 1915/Won by/ C.S.Booth”. On the back there is a label (of something like plastic) saying William Pearsall/silversmith & Jeweller/9, New St./Birmingham”
    I could send you a photo if you were interested. Please advise the appropriate address.


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