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The earliest version of this site was devoted to a display of old photographs. These were mainly lantern slides, but my interest in the history of photography led to the inclusion of some Cartes–de-Visite and Woodburytypes. The latter process produced beautiful prints but because of its cost did not last long.

Then my interest in research took me from aspects of the history of photography into the history of the church I was attending at that time, St Paul’s Church in the Jewellery Quarter. In no time at all I was finding fascinating documents about the church in Birmingham Archives and Heritage, original church documents that had been deposited there, and I was soon querying some of the folklore. In trying to understand how the Town operated at this time, broadly the second half of the eighteenth century, I developed an appetite for doing more research into the history of Birmingham

So the website now has four main parts to it. Part 1 deals with the building of St Paul’s Church; Part 2 with Birmingham History; Part 3 with Old Photographs and Lantern Slides; and Part 4 with the remaining Odds and Ends. There is also an option to browse through all of the galleries as well as all of the posts. Please feel free to comment on articles or galleries. You can get in touch via the Contact page.

All articles are researched and written by J Sawkill unless otherwise stated.

John Sawkill