The Building of St Paul’s Church, Birmingham in the 1770s

The Indenture of July 28th 1779

After the consecration there was a further meeting to sign and seal this new indenture. It is a large manuscript of five leaves, No 270063, in the Local History Section of the City Archives 33 and has been entitled “Assignment of the Nomination of a Minister to St Paul’s Chapel during the lifetime of Charles Colmore Esq.”. Charles Colmore was not the patron until the chapel had been consecrated. He had nothing to sell until the chapel was consecrated, so it looks as though another Indenture was needed to confirm the arrangements. This time all of the trustees in the arrangement have their names written out, with their occupations, a number of times, and their numbers have increased from 31 to 45, plus two more that were the assignees of the Estate and Effects of John Goodall, who, since signing up, had become bankrupt. In effect the number used to determine the proportion each had to pay would be 46, the last one as a creditor of the Goodall Estate. The manuscript is largely a recital of all that went before, covering the 1774 meeting and agreement, the 1777 Indenture and the 1778 meeting. The Indentures need to be studied further. Some of the legal language has been difficult to interpret, for example there is mention of bonds and of penalties which are not understood, but the major points about the responsibilities of the trustees come through clearly.

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